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Ravitch claims that using testing, or “value added assessment” to determine whether students are learning and whether teachers are effective is unreliable and leaves much room for error. Throughout the book, she is critical of standardized testing for any other purpose than as a benchmark–to gauge how much information a student has taken in from […]

Reign of Error: Week 3 (Destiny Crockett)

At this stage in Diane Ravitch’s book, how convinced are you of her argument that the public school system in America is indeed fine? Additionally, she is quite visceral in her condemnations of groups (specifically Teach for America) that continue to operate on the belief that the public school system is broken, are her criticisms […]

Reign of Error, Week 2 (Alex Palmer)

Ravitch begins her book with the claim the America’s public schools aren’t broken. Instead, she says, they are under attack from reformers, groups and individuals interested in privatizing education and evaluating school and teacher quality based on test scores. Do you agree with Ravitch’s assertions? Do you find holes or generalizations in her argument so […]

Reign of Error, Week 1 (Clare Lombardo)

About two weeks ago I attended Philadelphia’s Teacher Town Hall, a series featuring Students First founder Michelle Rhee, former Washington Teachers Union president George Parker, and Capital Preparatory Magnet School founder and principal Steve Perry. I agreed with two points made that evening, both of which came from Ms. Rhee. We must improve the quality […]

Reflecting on Students First (Abel McDaniels)

September 17th, 2013. Free Library of Philadelphia. Summary: Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, launched her new book – Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. The event was attended by several members of PES. Ravitch was introduced to the podium by American Federation […]

Anti-Charter Voices (Sam Osaki)

Business may be the driving force for economic prosperity, but an Education, at its most individual level, is the launching point for the sustainable growth and capacity-development of any nation. This assertion, of course, assumes an education “done right” – with equitable access to a high-quality curriculum offered to all. Yet as budget crises, failing […]

A Letter from The Penn Ed Board