We believe that Penn students of all backgrounds are in a unique position to influence education policies that affect K-12 students. By gaining a deeper understanding of local and national education policy issues and raising awareness across campus, the Penn Education Society advocates for excellent educational opportunities on behalf of all K-12 students across the country.



The Penn Education Society is an organization committed to fostering a community of leaders in education reform. We seek to accomplish this in three ways:

  1. We provide undergraduates with opportunities to engage in an ongoing dialogue via speaker events, regular meetings, and online resources.
  2. We connect with other on- and off-campus initiatives and local advocacy groups to implement change in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
  3. We publish the annual Penn Undergraduate Education Policy Review, which encourages undergraduate research in education.



The vision of the Penn Education Society is to build a community of motivated undergraduates at Penn who become lifelong investors in education policy and reform.